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The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates that 30% of the world’s food supply goes to waste, ending up in landfill or composters. This is a staggering figure considering there are still millions of people on our planet who go hungry on a daily basis. Europe has named 2014 the European Year Against Food Waste and set a target to cut food waste in half by 2025.

Nov/08/2016 By:
Janet Wakutz

Guest Blog: Today’s consumer is more and more interested in knowing about their food. That may include where it came from, something about the farmer and/or processor that produced it, specific production practices along the way, nutritional composition, etc. More than that though, they have moved beyond wanting the story of food, they want a biography.

Jun/17/2016 By:
Mike McMorris, General Manager, bio

Happy New Year! With it, 2016 brings 365 opportunities to get it right! What are the key sustainability opportunities the food and beverage manufacturing sector will tend to focus on this year?

Jan/19/2016 By:
Janet Wakutz

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