A Sneak Peak: Results From Our State Of The Industry Sustainability Survey

The results are in from our 2014 State of the Industry Sustainability Survey. While we’re not ready to share everything, we can tell you that Canadian food and beverage manufacturers are on the right track towards implementing sustainable practices in their business operations. That said, there’s always opportunity for improvement and the survey suggested there is still a real need for tools and resources to help implement a holistic approach to sustainability in all business operations.

Approximately 100 food and beverage manufacturers across Canada completed the survey. While environmental and social impacts were top of mind for manufacturers, many acknowledged they do not have the resources to invest in initiatives going forward. Respondents also noted electricity consumption as being the highest production cost. To better manage resource costs, 61% of the manufacturer sample indicated they monitor, track and review total energy consumed on a per unit of production basis — an indication manufacturers are moving in the right direction!

We'll break down all the collected data and reveal how the industry average score compares to the 2010 survey results during our Industry Forum & AGM on June 9, 2015.  

Save The Date For Radical Transparency — Ready Or Not? June 9, 2015
Our Industry Forum & AGM on June 9, 2015 will examine the growing demand for business transparency as company operations and supply chains come under increasing public scrutiny. Featuring keynote speaker, Andrew Winston, this is a great opportunity for your member companies to learn about these new business risks and how managing reliable and meaningful data can prepare them to address the changing industry norm.

The day will also feature an industry panel and breakout sessions to discuss operationalizing business transparency and responsible sourcing. Save the date and check our website for the most up-to-date details. 

Portal Delivers Positive Results For Sons Bakery
$45,000 in annual cost savings. A 12% reduction in electricity use, 6% in natural gas and 4% in water consumption. These are just some of the favourable outcomes experienced by Sons Bakery after giving the tools and resources in Provision’s Online Sustainability Portal a “real world” test at their Brampton facility. Similar results are expected for their Calgary site. Read the newly published case study here.

Be sure to share the business benefits the portal can offer with your member companies.

Getting Started 2.0 – More Portal Improvements
Based on a Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle, our Getting Started module in the Online Sustainability Portal guides food and beverage manufacturers through the process of continually improving the sustainability performance of their facility. Intent on making this valuable framework as accessible and useful as possible, we’re busy redesigning the module to deliver a more intuitive and streamlined version based on user feedback.

It begins with a more dynamic and interactive graphic that includes logical prompting questions for each segment in the process, such as Where Do You Want To Go? and What Are You Doing? Once inside a segment, the steps for facility improvement have been refined and filed under collapsible menus to make navigation and following the steps straightforward and logical.

We’ll be launching the redesigned Getting Started module in March, along with several other enhancements intended to keep the Online Sustainability Portal fresh, current and on the forefront. We look forward to hearing what you and your member companies think about these updates.

Working On Behalf Of Manufacturers and Our Associations
Our organizational vision* has not changed; however, during recent strategic planning sessions, we chose to modify our mission to more succinctly identify our focus on manufacturers and our member associations. Moving forward, Provision’s emphasis will be on providing sustainability leadership through the transfer of knowledge, which focuses on building capacity for our members and their member companies. Internally, our focus will be on developing self-sufficiency.

Reliant on our funding partners for financing, developing self-sufficiency for Provision means exploring new opportunities to cover operating costs. Proposed initiatives include portal coaching and mentoring, selling advertising and registrations in the consultant database, hosting events, speaking engagements and program/project delivery. We look forward to sharing more details about our three year operations plan and strategic next steps at our AGM on June 9/2015.

* To be the leading voice on sustainability for the food and beverage manufacturing industry.

Provision Gives Back - The Provision team spent a rewarding morning volunteering at the Guelph Food Bank before the holidays. To learn more about Food Banks and how you can get involved, visit http://www.foodbankscanada.ca.

The Agri-food Management Institute (AMI) is seeking nominations for outstanding individuals to join the AMI Board of Directors. Full details. 

Value Of Biogas Workshops, Resources & Tours - March 25-26, 2015 – Two days of events designed to help operators from different sectors understand the opportunity and benefits associated with biogas systems. Learn more. 

Do you know a manufacturer who is ready to begin or expand their focus on sustainability? Put them in touch with Provision’s team to request an on-site portal demonstration and/or coaching support.