Getting Started

To start using the framework, simply select the question that represents the stage your company is at. If you are new to the framework, click on "Where to you want to go?" to start the process.

Integrating sustainable practices into your operations and business strategy is easier than you think.

The SMS Framework is a robust guide that makes it easy to implement our proven and award winning Sustainability Management System (SMS) into any food and beverage manufacturing organization - micro, small, medium or large. 

We offer all Canadian food and beverage manufacturers free access to the Sustainability Framework to help guide you through our Sustainability Management System; however, our tools and resources are immediately intuitive and useful – so you can skip ahead and begin using any of them right away. 

The SMS Framework is broken into five Stages:
1. Understanding your Current State
2. Sustainable Business Strategy Planning 
3. Opportunity Identification 
4. Managing your Strategy Execution 
5. Monitoring and Reporting Performance 

We offer both an Accelerated Path and Comprehensive Path for users.

It is not expected or necessary to complete every activity outlined in the Framework– but following the Framework will help you to plan and prioritize and your sustainability efforts and introduce you to the tools only as you require them.

The Accelerated Path is best for users who already have a clearly defined purpose supported by a sustainable business strategy and are ready to begin using the SMS tools and resources. This path focuses on the practical steps to embedding sustainability at your facility and within your organization. 
The Comprehensive Path will guide you through developing and implementing a sustainable business strategy.  This includes all of the activities and resources used in our Mentor & Coaching Programs, with or without the support of a Provision Coach.  We will highlight the role of the Coach at each stage, to demonstrate their contributions to the process.  If you would like to learn more about our onsite programs and Coaches, click here.

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