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If you are experiencing difficulties with any of the SMS tools or resources, please contact us. You may call 519.822.2042 or use the form below and provide a detailed description of your question.
Need help registering in the Sustainability Management System?  Instructions are available here. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Sustainability Management System? 

The Sustainability Management System (SMS) is a collection of tools and resources to accelerate sustainability performance, specifically designed for the food & beverage industry. 

How can it help my business? 

The SMS provides Canadian food & beverage manufacturers with a straightforward strategy for assessing and improving their sustainability performance and overall profitability. 

Is there a cost?

Access to the SMS is free for food & beverage manufacturers thanks to investment from the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP), a federal-provincial-territorial initiative. 

The KPI Dashboard is the only tool that requires an annual paid subscription, at a discounted rate for food & beverage manufacturers. The annual subscription is $1,620, equivalent to $135 / month. Start your free trial or request a demo to learn more.