Imagine a living lab that promotes collaboration between food entrepreneurs, farmers, researchers and social innovators — and a rural-urban partnership that leverages smart technology to make it all possible.

In January 2020, Our Food Future was officially launched— Guelph-Wellington’s ambitious initiative to create Canada’s first circular food economy. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted and made worse many of the challenges Our Food Future aims to resolve.

Grow Back Better is Our Food Future’s 10-point recovery plan in response to COVID-19. By reprioritizing and restructuring existing elements of Our Food Future, the City of Guelph and Wellington County are providing immediate support to our local food economy.

As part of the plan to promote green economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, we are proud to be launching two new “Resiliency with Purpose” support programs, R-Purpose and R-Purpose Micro. The programs aim to help food and beverage companies increase efficiency, circularity and profits while reducing operating costs and waste.


Opportunities for Food & Beverage Businesses


R-Purpose (Resiliency through Purpose), is a high-impact comprehensive pathway to help you take instability and turn it into confidence and growth. Provision will select eight local food or beverage manufacturing/processing companies to work with over an 18-month period. Those selected will have access to award-winning tools and a team of experts who will help them emerge from this stronger, more resilient and will be among those who help shape the future of the food and beverage industry. Submit your expression of interest today to be considered.

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R-Purpose MICRO

R-Purpose MICRO is a condensed version of R-Purpose and is offered through 2-hour virtual sessions over 12 weeks. As part of Our Food Future's response to COVID-19 and the plan to support an inclusive green, social and economic recovery, this program will be offered free of charge for the first 50 small food and beverage businesses based in Guelph-Wellington to register. Our summer session has started, however submit your expression of interest below to be considered for the fall cohort. 

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How R-Purpose and R-Purpose MICRO Will Help You

Take care of and engage your employees to ensure success


Increase your output and efficiency (through sustainability and circularity)


Lower your operating costs


Differentiate your brand and help you open up new markets


Why circular?

Designing out waste & pollution

The current system is no longer working for businesses, people or the environment.

The linear food system (take-make-dispose) that exists today is wasteful and is ripe for disruption. Changing our food system is one of the most impactful things we can do to address climate change. The circular food economy is based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems.

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