Food Loss + Waste

Importance of Food Waste

In Canada, the equivalent of 30 to 40 per cent of the food produced is lost along the value chain, with much of it finding its way to landfill or composting. This food waste is worth an estimated $31 billion each year. 

Significant opportunities exist for businesses along food value chains to streamline their operations, reduce food waste, and increase profit, while making better use of scarce resources, managing risk, and reducing their environmental footprint.

What Are We Doing About It?

Provision Coalition is supporting businesses by working to provide practical, innovative, food waste reduction strategies or solutions that can be adopted to harvest environmental, economic and social gains across the value chain.

Provision has launched a made-in-Canada Food Loss + Waste tool that quantifies food waste and helps food and beverage manufacturers develop cost effective reduction strategies that can be implemented and whose success can be measured. Check out this new tool now!


Through a mix of on-camera interviews and facility visits, the video showcases how Provision Coalition's members and partners the value chain are working together to reduce food waste through approaches that are replicable and scalable. Our food waste video is available in English and French.

What is Our Plan?

Provision Coalition commissioned a report that recommends industry collaboration to tackle food waste challenges in Canada. The report’s key findings show there is:

  • no clear commonly agreed upon definition of food waste in Canada
    • no common measures of food waste and its impact on businesses, society and the environment
    • consumers make the largest contribution to food waste and also need to be engaged to tackle the food waste challenge


Provision Coalition has undertaken a multi-phase industry project to address Food Waste and is working with industry stakeholders and a working group that includes:

  • Tim Faveri, Maple Leaf Foods Inc
  • Lori Nikkel, Second Harvest
  • TBD, Sons Bakery
  • John Vandenbroek, Oakrun Bakery
  • John Lillard, Campbell Company of Canada
  • Samir Pathak, Coca Cola Refreshments     Inc.
  • Bruce Taylor, Enviro-Stewards
  • Paul van der Werf, 2cg
  • Betsy Varghese, Dillon Consulting


The working group's mandate is to identify opportunities/solutions with experts and stakeholders to decrease the amount of food waste sent to landfills or composting from facilities. Provision Coalition’s Food Waste Stakeholders Collaborative consists of key representatives from across the food value chain whose mandate is to connect leaders across the value chain with food/beverage waste reduction mandates, provide a forum to share initiatives and provide feedback on the efforts of Provision’s Food Waste Working Group.

The long term objective of this project is to enable the development of programs that can assist businesses operating in the food and beverage industry to increase their profitability and competitiveness, while simultaneously benefiting the environment and society.

What's Next?

Provision is working with Ippolito Fruit & Produce and P&P Optica to pilot a technology-based food waste reduction solution. You can learn more on Golden Horseshoe Food and Farming Alliance's website. The goal of this pilot is to demonstrate the business value of solutions and develop new case studies.

Our compilation of success stories in the food waste management are examples that can generate discussion and facilitate knowledge transfer of best management practices that can assist you in implementing sustainable food waste reduction strategies to improve profitability. 

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