Sustainability Management Tools

Provision's award-winning tools have been designed for food and beverage manufacturers to assess, monitor and improve their sustainability performance. 

All of our tools are immediately intuitive and useful – so you can skip ahead and begin using any of the tools right away, or follow our SMS Framework – a simple, but comprehensive guide to integrating sustainability into your organization. 

Planning Tools

Facility Self-Assessment 

The Facility Self-Assessment will help you assess the sustainability of your facilities operations and  identify opportunities for improvement. The self-assessment provides a rigorous, structured and straightforward method for evaluating facility/organizational performance against a wide array of sustainability metrics, customized for the food and beverage manufacturing industry.

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Environmental Benchmarking 

 Receive a prioritized report identifying potential gaps in your environmental management and compliance program. This tool is designed to help Ontario food and beverage manufacturers assess compliance with Ontario’s environmental regulations and legislation.

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Key Performance Indicator Scorecard

Track your monthly production, electricity, natural gas, water and waste data in the KPI scorecard to generate CO2e emission numbers and other environmental sustainability key performance indicators.

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Execution Tools

Technical Checklist

The technical checklist provides an inventory of best practices for energy, water and waste management in a food and beverage manufacturing facility. It can be used as a tool to track best practices used and to identify potential opportunities. 


Food Loss & Waste Toolkit 

Quantify your Company's avoidable food waste and develop cost-effective reduction strategies that can be implemented and measured.


Idea Evaluator Tool

The Idea Evaluator Tool will help you build the business case for projects with a simple calculator that can estimate the economic and environmental value of projects, while
recognizing the social benefits.


Reporting Tools

Key Performance Indicator Scorecard

Track your facility’s monthly production, electricity, natural gas, water and waste data in the KPI scorecard to generate CO2e emission numbers and other key performance indicators.


Sustainability Reporting Toolkit

The Toolkit aims to streamline your reporting process, making it more manageable for those who do not have dedicated resources or the expertise in what is considered best practice when reporting on your environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts and performance.



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