Introduction to Tool

Welcome to the Provision Coalition Food Waste Reduction Tool Kit. The purpose of this tool kit is to help your company quantify its avoidable food waste to allow you to develop cost effective reduction strategies that can be implemented and whose success can be measured.

Some statistics on food waste in Canada:
In Canada, approximately 40% of the food produced was wasted in 2009 which is equivalent to approximately $27 billion.

In 2014, this estimate increased to $31 billion.

Processing and packaging accounted for 20% of the food wasted in 2014.

For businesses - the total cost of waste along a value chain can exceed the combined margins of the involved companies.

We use a number of terms through this Tool Kit. Click here for Definitions 

The Tool Kit consists of five sequential stages and is set up so that you can save your progress and come back as often as you need to.

If you are new to the Tool Kit, click on Stage 1 "Quantifying Food Waste" to start the process and sign-up. Otherwise sign in and you’ll be taken to where you last left off.

This stage will help you develop a very basic understanding of how much food waste is produced at your facility. As a follow up you may wish to undertake a food waste audit to help you better understand food waste generation at your facility.

Before getting started it is useful to gather any documents or information that you might already have on food waste generation. This can include waste management data (e.g. how much waste was sent to landfill last year), most recent waste audit results or the quantity of food and the ingredients brought into your facility for manufacturing purposes.

We present three ways that you can estimate the amount of organic waste generated at your facility. The methods increase in level of detail and precision.