KPI Scorecard

NOTE to industry stakeholders who are not manufacturers. If you wish to use the facility specific tools within the SMS, you must first register and then create a "test facility" in your MyProfile page.

Welcome to the KPI Scorecard.

The KPI Scorecard allows users to input a facility’s monthly production, natural gas, electricity, water and waste data to generate a set of environmental sustainability key performance indicators (KPIs). The tool generates both absolute (e.g., total annual water consumption), and intensity based (water consumption per unit of production) KPIs. 

Energy data is entered as both electricity (kWh) and natural gas (m3), and converted to a common unit of energy (GJ). CO2e emission factors are applied to electricity and natural gas data so that you can begin calculating your carbon footprint (NOTE:  conversions currently done using regional emissions factors for the various provinces from Environment Canada’s 2013 National Inventory Report). 

Once you’ve entered your data for the year, you can view your facility results to see your KPI Scorecard and export the data to excel for further analysis.