The Business Case for Purpose

Purpose driven companies grow 3x faster than the competition


Purpose driven organizations experience 46% greater market share gains than lower-rated brands


85% of purpose-led companies showed positive business growth


Purpose driven organizations get, and keep, the best employees.


Why Purpose?

Individuals are demanding more from companies they work for and buy from.

Product Differentiation

Traditional product differentiation techniques, such as pricing and packaging, no longer deliver the results necessary to compete and win in today’s marketplace.

Public Trust

Public trust concerns such as supply chain transparency, animal welfare, product ingredients, environmental impact and labour conditions create enormous reputational risk for unprepared food companies

Consumer Behaviour

Consumer behaviour has changed – purchasing decisions are being driven by a company’s values and authenticity- not just price and product selection.

Brand Risk

Expectations of your company have never been higher – and any disconnect between your brands promise and experience will be publicly scrutinized.

Employee Attraction and Retention

Employees – both new and seasoned – are rewarding organizations that are purpose-driven with increased productivity and engagement.

Our approach consists of three phases

Roadmap for Growth

What you stand for and how to use it to grow your business

Detailed Growth Plan

The actions required to grow your business

Realizing the Growth

Working with you to deliver success

What You Get

Discovery & Insights

We’ll conduct a series of proprietary assessments and diagnostics to benchmark your performance, identify inefficiencies, optimize operations and identify growth potential.

Purpose Driven Strategy

We’ll work with you to uncover your businesses purpose and create a Purpose-Driven Strategy that will influence the bottom line.

Project Prioritization, Execution & Goal Development

By leveraging new data from discovery, we’ll help you prioritize your projects, calculate the return on investment, and create an action plan that will stick.

Employee Engagement & Change Management

Mobilize your employees through shared purpose and improve employee engagement, drive performance and create a clear and strong brand-led culture.

Skills & Knowledge Transfer & Peer Collaboration

We’ll ensure your team has the skills they need for successful strategy execution through ongoing coaching and support. We’ll even connect you with like-minded peers so you can leverage ideas and accelerate your performance.



Our Clients

Trusted Canadian Brands

We work with Canadian food processors and manufacturers looking to prepare for the future and transform their company performance . 

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