We've found $228,000 in annual savings on average

If you haven't assessed your facility's waste, or made a reduction commitment, it's time to stop leaving money on the table and take the first step in preventing waste with
Provision's Food Loss + Waste Prevention Assessment.  

With an estimated 43% of Canada’s avoidable food waste occurring in processing and manufacturing, there is enormous opportunity for companies to take action. 


What's Included?

One on-site waste assessment completed by an engineer


A detailed report outlining the economic, social and environmental savings identified


A prioritized list of food waste prevention projects including the return-on-investment and payback period


Results from 50 Food Waste Prevention Assessments


Average Annual Savings


Average Payback

,000 Kg

Average meals saved per facility 


The True Cost of Food Waste

Don't let revenue drop off the line

The true cost of food waste takes into account the initial investment in raw ingredients & packaging materials and is compounded by the energy and water consumption, labour, wastewater, and disposal costs. 

Don't let diversion eat into your revenue

While diverting avoidable food waste to a biodigester or transforming it into products like animal feed may seem like a cost-effective method for managing wasted product; prevention at the source is the most cost-effective method to address avoidable food waste.

Industry Results & Tools

From 50 Food Waste Prevention Assessments

Between March 2018 and September 2019, Provision Coalition Inc, along with its project partners, The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity and Enviro-Stewards, conducted 50 food waste prevention assessments in food and beverage manufacturing facilities across Canada.

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Food Loss + Waste Toolkit

Our award-winning and UN recognized Food Loss + Waste Prevention Toolkit provides a step-by-step calculator for determining the value of food loss and waste as it moves through processing and manufacturing including the economic, social and environmental cost of your avoidable food waste.


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