Imagine a living lab that promotes collaboration between food entrepreneurs, farmers, researchers and social innovators —and a rural-urban partnership that leverages smart technology to make it all possible.

 The Our Food Future project  will provide tremendous opportunities for food and beverage businesses that will help catapult themselves and Guelph-Wellington to the international stage.

This project will bring an influx of investment and resources to the region, provide brand exposure for food and beverage companies on the regional, national and international scale and even provide local businesses the opportunity to represent and lead industry in becoming circular! 

Waste as Resource Project Goal:
0% decrease in environmental impact associated with food loss and waste among project participants.


Why circular?

Designing out waste & pollution

The current system is no longer working for businesses, people or the environment.

The linear food system (take-make-dispose) that exists today is wasteful and is ripe for disruption. Changing our food system is one of the most impactful things we can do to address climate change. The circular food economy is based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems.


Opportunities for Food & Beverage Businesses

Embedding Circularity into Your Business

As a delivery Partner for the Our Food Future project Provision will select five local food or beverage manufacturing/processing companies to work with over an 18- month period to embed circularity into their business. 

The selected companies will receive a significant investment into their business!

Business Benefits

  • Unlock new revenue streams 
  • Reduce operational costs 
  • Align staff to a shared purpose 
  • Inspire innovation 
  • Reduce waste 
  • Improve operational efficiency 
  • Elevate your brand 

Competition for Business Investment

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10 Companies Short-Listed


Company Screening Process

February-March 2020

Finalists Announced

Spring 2020 

Apply today!

Provision will work with companies to:

Embed circular thinking into their business strategy


Prevent and reduce waste


Extract more value from resources


Waste as a Resource

Preventing & Reducing Food Loss + Waste

Food waste prevention presents a unique opportunity for food and beverage businesses to impact their tripe-bottom line - reduce environmental impact through energy and water savings, improve social impact through saved meals and save money - on average $228,000 per year!

Food waste prevention is a logical first step for food and beverage businesses looking to embed circularity principles into their business. Provision will work with selected companies to conduct a Food Waste Prevention Assessment, calculate the business return-on-investment and support with implementation project

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