R-Purpose is a High-Impact Comprehensive Pathway to Help You Take Instability and Turn it Into Confidence and Growth

Provision’s R-Purpose model was developed specifically for food and beverage businesses dealing with the impacts of COVID-19 to improve performance, address risks, lower costs of production and elevate brand by embedding purpose, sustainability, circularity and resiliency at the heart of their business.

R-Purpose is a Five-Step Model

Growth Through Purpose, Sustainability & Circularity

1. WHY

Our cycle begins with WHY, defining why your food or beverage company exists beyond profit, what it is your company stands for and why anyone else should care.

food worker in a lab coat and hair net holding a clipboard


Your staff do not want to come to work every day just to make your product. They want to feel they are contributing to something bigger than themselves. They want to know your WHY and your VISION for the future, so they can feel they are part of it, have some accountability to it and be inspired and motivated by it.

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Once your teams feel they are engaged in something that really matters to them, we begin the process of setting Objectives, Key Results (OKRs) and supporting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are going to deliver on your vision and support your stated purpose.

Four people posting sticky notes on a glass wall


Your WHY gives you a new story to tell: one that is grounded in something bigger than your product or brand and which makes you more emotionally compelling to a larger audience. We help you tell this new story in a way that will differentiate you in a highly competitive marketplace, enabling you to capture new market opportunities, improve market share and build customer loyalty.  

Person holding a tablet displaying charts


Your WHY is what you stand for and what others can count on you for.  Once you embrace it, you need to walk the talk through data and authenticity. Otherwise it will come across as inauthentic marketing, dishearten your staff, disappoint customers and damage your business reputation.

man in a suit standing and speaking in front of his peers

R-Purpose will help get you through this crisis (survive) and then through the recovery (thrive) with a focus on four key areas:

Take care of and engage your employees to ensure success


Increase your output and efficiency (through sustainability and circularity)


Lower your operating costs


Differentiate your brand and help you open up new markets



Response, Recovery and Resiliency. R-Purpose.

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