R-Purpose MICRO is a virtual accelerator to help small food and beverage companies Respond, Recover, and build Resiliency

SMEs like yours are the beating heart of Canadian food and beverage production. We know that you are fighting this pandemic on all fronts and that you could really do with an ally. In this strange and unpredictable time, we know you have unanswered questions and gaps you need to fill. And we also know the one thing you don’t have is time. 

We have listened. R-Purpose MICRO (Resiliency through Purpose), offers small business owners and their teams a powerful set of tools, consultancy, mentorship and training to help them survive and thrive through COVID and beyond. Thanks to funding from the Federal Government to support COVID recovery, R-Purpose MICRO costs only $1,200.

Save Money Now and Recover Faster

What will it deliver?

With just one 2-hour Zoom call per week, we will give you what you need to:
• Take care of and engage your employees to ensure success
• Increase your output and efficiency (through sustainability and circularity)
• Lower your operating costs
• Differentiate your brand and help you open up new markets.

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How can we help?

R-Purpose MICRO will cover issues such as: 
• How to leverage your purpose to support your people and help manage anxiety
• Telling your story so that people listen 
• De-risking the pivot and creating a bold vision to help you grow 
• Sharpening your value proposition to grow your sales 
• Reducing your costs and increasing output now through food loss and waste prevention 
• Quick wins to boost productivity
• Building a more resilient supply chain

R-Purpose MICRO Schedule

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Over 12 weeks, participating companies will accelerate their business COVID response and resiliency through a series of Zoom-based sessions, personalized coaching and accompaniment from Provision’s team.  
• Structured as a virtual 12-week program with weekly 2 hour intensive sessions
• Program delivered remotely leveraging Zoom and a suite of specially developed software tools
• Involves theory, practice, case studies, and access to peer learning

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Response, Recovery and Resiliency. R-Purpose MICRO.

Interested in R-Purpose MICRO?

We work with Canadian food and beverage companies looking to prepare for the future and transform their company performance. 

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