Who We Are


Through Provision’s proprietary Purpose to Profit model, we help companies create value, realize savings and positively impact the environment and society.

Provision works to support the growth of Canadian food and beverage processors and manufacturers and to address the mega-challenges facing the food system including the reduction of food loss + waste, climate change mitigation, circular economy, and responsible sourcing.

Driving the success of food and beverage companies.

With global food demand expected to rise by 70 per cent - there is enormous growth opportunity for the agri-food sector. Canadian food companies are global leaders in food safety, quality and trust – positioning them well to be dominate and nimble global competitors. 

We are dedicated to working with Canadian food processors and manufacturers to ensure this growth is both profitable and sustainable. We help businesses drive progress towards their goals, while also ensuring their business - and the industry as whole – is supporting the achievement of the national and global sustainable development goals. In doing so, businesses are contributing to securing stable and reliable markets over the long term and creating lasting value for their business.