Cher Mereweather - President & CEO

Cher is one of Canada’s leaders in food industry sustainability. As founder and CEO of Provision Coalition Inc, Cher works directly with food companies to transform their business culture and operations.

Cher is a passionate advocate for a healthy lifestyle that is deeply connected to the natural environment. The food system became an obvious source of study and focus for her professional career, as food is the nexus between environment and health. What Cher stands for, is a world in which food and beverage products support both people and the planet.  She has dedicated her career to working with businesses to get clear on why they exist, what their purpose is beyond profit, and to provide them with the support needed to execute this strategy, so that the real ‘magic’ can happen.

Cher’s career has included time with the Guelph Food Technology Centre (now NSF International) where she established and directed the Sustainability Consulting Business Unit, and executive positions in environmental economics and policy with the Canadian agri-food think tank, the George Morris Centre. Cher holds a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Environmental Economics and Policy and is certified in both project and change management. Cher has also been awarded the Canadian Grocer Generation Next award for her leadership, innovation and excellence in sustainability within the food and beverage industry.

Jon Duschinsky - Executive Vice President

Jon is an entrepreneur, social innovator, thought leader, speaker and coach who helps unleash the power of purpose.

What underpins all his work is the understanding that purpose and profitability are now two sides of the same coin, and you cannot have one without the other. The ability to harness the power of purpose will determine who will thrive and who will fail in the new global marketplace. 

Jon has worked in more than 60 countries, with some 200+ organizations. He is the co-founder of Oreka Solutions, which is pioneering the new industry of insect-farming to revolutionize how food is produced. 

Jon’s energy and passion shine through in his insightful and personable communication style. He has shared speaking platforms with leaders such as Mikhail Gorbachev, Kofi Annan and Steve Wozniak, is the the author of two books and lectures at universities on both sides of the Atlantic. 

Jon challenges the status quo, gleefully sparking disruptive change and supporting leaders to reframe the well-worn story of profits over people.

Holly Hendershot - Director, Client Relations & Strategy

As Director of Client Relations Strategy , Holly is dedicated to helping Provision’s food and beverage clients create brand differentiation, tell better stories and deliver business results.

Holly advises Provision clients on strategic communications, the latest in digital strategies, brand management and provides best-in-class creative and marketing support. Holly has over ten years’ experience in corporate marketing communications and brand management in the manufacturing, science and financial services industries.  She has been responsible for overseeing the strategic communications and sustainability reporting for TSX and NYSE listed companies and has experience in reporting on sustainability and community relations programming internationally.  

Holly has her Diploma in Public Relations from Humber Institute of Technology. Holly sits on the Board of Directors for Habitat for Humanity Wellington-Guelph-Dufferin.

Jaime Leger - Manager, Marketing & Communications

As Provision’s Manager of Marketing and Communications, Jaime is responsible for telling Provision’s story.  She does this by showcasing to our existing clients and future prospects, what success looks like when built on a foundation of purpose.

Jaime is an engaging and personable leader with exceptional attention-to-detail, strategic thinking and communication skills. She has a broad background including sales, marketing and operations that enables cross-functional collaboration and establishes mutually beneficial relationships with business partners. Jaime's enthusiasm, creativity, and work ethic are infectious and she has a strong drive to inspire others to believe in possibility.

Jaime has seven years of experience in the consumer packaged goods industry in team field sales leadership, key account management, and business development. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Ottawa in Marketing and spent 4 months in Thailand learning International Business.

Gwen Cottle - Director Sustainability Services

As the Director Sustainability Services, Gwen has spent the bulk of her career working with food retailers and manufacturers to embed sustainability into their business strategies.

Gwen works closely with Provision clients with particular focus on project management and content delivery. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge in the areas of ESG reporting and disclosure, responsible sourcing and sustainable packaging. Gwen has over ten years’ experience working in the sustainability space, through consulting, stakeholder research, and implementation in both food retail and manufacturing.
Gwen holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Political Science from Western University and a Master’s degree in Environment & Business from the University of Waterloo.

Amy Winters - Junior Sustainability Champion

As Provision’s Junior Sustainability Champion- Food, Amy supports our clients in feeling empowered in their sustainability endeavours. 

Amy’s interdisciplinary background in Global Studies, Psychology, Behavioural Science and Human Rights gives her an ability to connect the big picture to the individual’s experience. Her strength is in creatively and collaboratively approaching complex issues while keeping in touch with the human element. Her food systems experiences began with growing up on a family farm in Ontario and now span into grocery retail, stakeholder engagement, human rights advocacy and strategic sustainability planning. 

She holds a Master’s degree in Sustainability Management from the University of Toronto. 

Strategic Partners 

Brett Wills

Brett Wills brings over 18 years of experience in Sustainable Business Management. As a former Plant Manager, Brett has first-hand experience driving organizational performance. Brett’s focus on integrating Sustainability into business strategies delivers tangible and quantifiable results that drive performance now and into the future.  As President of Green Enterprise Movement, Brett now spends a majority of his time helping organizations across Canada drive organizational performance while simultaneously improving environmental and social performance. Brett has worked with numerous organizations across a broad sector of industries from government to health care to hospitality and manufacturing but has had a specialized focus on supporting the agri-processing industry for the past 11 years. Brett’s work in the agri-processing industry includes working with over 100 food processors from small start-ups to large multi-nationals.

A sought after speaker on the topic of Sustainable Business Management, Brett provides lectures and keynote addresses to crowds at conferences and seminars across North America on topics related to Sustainability and Organizational Performance. 

Brett lives in Toronto and is the author of “Green Intentions: Creating a Green Value Stream to Compete and Win” and “Purposely Profitable: Embedding Sustainability into the DNA of Food Processing and Other Businesses”. Brett holds a BA in Economics from Wilfrid Laurier University.