Client Stories

Ice River Springs

Execution of purpose-driven strategy leads to $30,000 in monthly savings and a reduction of employee turnover costs by 1/3 per employee 

Provision brought the management team of Ice River together to create a purpose-driven strategy that aligned the values of the organization. New strategic goals and KPI’s were put in place to help drive decision making and increase productivity by focusing on core business goals. New operating procedures were developed to improve communication, transparency, employee satisfaction and ultimately, reduce operating costs.

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Fiasco Gelato

Food Waste Prevention Assessment identifies $118,300 in potential annual savings

Three opportunities for food waste prevention were identified in Fiasco's ice cream and frozen dessert manufacturing plant. In addition to the cost savings, Fiasco has the potential to save over 28 tonnes of CO2e and 19,438 meals annually by implementing the recommend solutions. 

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Marsan Foods

New structure and processes leads to 30% increase in throughput & increase in productivity 

Looking to enhance the company's commitment to sustainability, productivity and innovation, Marsan hired Provision to refresh their strategic plan and apply Provision's proprietary Purpose to Profit model to their business.

After completing six months of strategy and implementation work that included practical support for the team such as change management coaching and KPI and goal development, Marsan was able to implement 20 new process methods across the organization. These changes led to an increase in throughput of their food service tray line by 30%, a reduction in wait-time waste by 25 shifts, and an increase in employee engagement.

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Earth Fresh Foods

Company realizes 30% increase in production, 10% decrease in labour costs

Earth Fresh was keen to integrate sustainability into the company's business strategy. With the help of Provision, the team developed a new purpose and vision and chose four strategic focus areas for the business.

A number of successes and milestones were met to increase revenue and reduce costs including: an innovation program was developed which led to new product development - a low glycemic potato, a 30% increase in the production of standard product volumes, a 10% decrease in labour costs on product packaging, and a 10% reduction in water usage per pound of product produced. 

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Campbell's Company of Canada

Food Waste Assessment identifies over $700,000 in annual savings 

Solid waste audits were conducted annually at Campbell's Toronto facility, however, the audit had little impact on food waste as they were completed at the dumpster and only 1% of the company’s food waste is lost at landfill. As with many other operations, the majority of food loss + waste occurred within the facility during production.  

Provision's food loss + waste prevention assessment generated six quantifiable reduction opportunities, with a net payback period of less than six months, totaling 938 tonnes per year of food waste - valued at $706,000 annually. 

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